Amy Edmondson - Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace

This is an excellent primer on psychological safety.

Don Berwick - Defining Quality: Aiming for a Better Health Care System

I think Don Berwick's brief overview of the Institute of Medicine's 6 quality dimensions can help bridge your thinking from healthcare to child welfare.

Atul Gwande - How do we heal medicine?

Gwande highlights the complexity of modern care delivery systems and the difficulties we face. 

Sidney Dekker - Just Culture

Sidney Dekker speaks to the challenges of balancing systems and individual accountability in a just culture.  

Quality Improvement

All teams need two basic quality improvement tools, the Driver Diagram and the PDSA cycle. 

Robert Lloyd - Driver Diagram

The driver diagram is a great tool for team-based problem solving. It helps teams link improvement goals to strategies and tactics.

Robert Lloyd - Plan Do Study Act

Iterative improvement is essential to a learning organization. The PDSA cycle is the goal standard for implementing small tests of change.